5 December 2022

Morcos Real Estate enters 10 year exclusive collaboration with Future Group Iraq

After more than 6 months of serious discussions, Morcos Real Estate is pleased to announce a 10-year partnership with Future Group Iraq that will allow Real Estate services to reach the Kurdish Population in Iraq. Our partnership aims to solidify Greece as an investment destination for the residents of Kurdistan in particular and Iraq in General. People interested in our services from the aforementioned area will now have a capable and eager team in Sulaymaniyah ready to assist in their personal and family Goals. Our clients will be able to visit our parters offices in 104 Ashti Street As Sulaymaniyah, Iraq where they will be served in the way both our organizations’ customers have enjoyed in the past.  
In the past 6 months, constructive exchanges have been made between the executives from Future Group and our real estate experts in Morcos Real Estate office in Glyfada. Subject on the expectations of the Kurdish population from a real estate investment experience, specifics about the Greek Real Estate purchasing process as well as the Greek Golden Visa have been deeply touched in preparing the collaboration between the two parties. 
Morcos Real Estate is honored and thrilled to solidify and pen this agreement with an incredible event prepared by Future Group, on the 26th of November at the Millennium Grand Hotel Suleimani where more that 150 attendees were given a firsthand introduction to the Greek real estate market and our combined services.  
Our common goal is to bring foreign investment to the Greek Real Estate Market and to provide the people of Iraqi Kurdistan and Iraq in General with more reasonable investment options. We are pleased to offer the services below:  
Real Estate Brokerage  
Property Management  
Short Term rental Management  
Greek Residency Permit Guidance (Golden Visa)  
Investment Management  


George Morcos, CEO and founder of Morcos Real Estate said: “Over these past 6 months we have witnessed the professionalism Future Group have shown in their interactions with their clients and the sense of safety they like to provide them with, which perfectly align with our vision of the real estate purchase experience. We look forward to this collaboration with Future Group.” 
We invite you to stay tuned for the video capturing the success of the event. 

Media inquiries: Please contact E. Bei at +30 210 8944894 / info@morcosrealestate.gr 

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