Morcos Real Estate has been established in order to make buying properties in Greece as easy, seamless and safe as buying any other product.Our accumulated experience in dealing with foreign clients, that derives from our previous presence in North American, European, Middle and Far East markets allows us to be able to understand and address our clients needs by putting ourselves in their position.We mainly focus on the type of real estate experience our clients expect and tailor it to their specific needs.Equally we strive to emphasise and utilise all the disruptive technological advancements that shape the future real estate market and purchasing experience.Our goal is for you to walk in our offices wanting a property and leaving with it with only positive thoughts.   
Our services include but are not limited to the following: 

Why Choose Us

We provide full service at every step

Buying, selling, managing, and renting a property is a personal affair and that is exactly how we treat it. By choosing Morcos Real Estate you are choosing a team that is there for you, that is there for you at any given time to tend to your every query or problem. It is our understanding that real estate, whether we are talking about investment property or the one you are residing in, is a very personal matter as it either hosts your and your family’s dreams or supports your plans through the return on your investment. Comprehending the need for individuals to have trusted partners who make your benefit their business has led us to offer a vertical list of services, thus investing in the quality of our services aiming for you to be our best advertisement. Simultaneously we strive to implement the latest innovations in the sector that will allow us to support all your needs with the least amount of effort on your side.     

Our Partners